Films about NDE on youtube

Cardiac surgeon tells about NDE
Famous cardiac surgeon tells about two patients: one patient with an impressing NDE with veridical perceptions during the period that he was declared dead after fatal complications during heart surgery, and about another patient who was dying during surgery caused by severe bleeding complications.

Nurse shares her NDE

ABCNews: Bob Woodruff has an interview with a nurse who always had been very sceptic about NDE, but who has changed drmatically by her own NDE.

MD shares his NDE during coma
MD shares his NDE during coma, caused by an extremely rare brain infection.

MD shares his NDE during cardiac arrest
Medical specialist shares his NDE during his cardiac arrest of 15 minutes duration caused by an acute myocardial infarction in the Emergency Room of his own hospital.!

Anita shares her NDE during terminal cancer
Anita Moorjani shares her NDE during terminal cancer, and she tells about her miraculous healing.

Lucas describes his near-death experience
Young man Lucas has two NDEs during his three weeks in coma due to a severe traffic accident.

NDE with OBE during cardiac surgery
Al Sullivan shares his NDE with veridical out-of-body experience during cardiac surgery.

Surgeon shares his NDE caused by lightning
Dr Tony Cocoria, orthopedic surgeon, had an NDE caused by lightning, and became a famous musician afterwards, as was described by Oliver Sachs.

Three people share their NDE
Three people share their NDE, one of them being blind from birth and having an out-of-body perception with veridical perception.

Neurosurgeon shares his NDE
Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander shares his NDE experienced during his coma.

Woman shares her extensive NDE
Renee Pasanow shares with us her extensive NDE and the aftereffects

Several people share their NDE
Several people share their NDE and the aftereffects with us.